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What is Aqua Massage?
Aqua Massage is a quick, convenient way to get a full-body massage. All you need to do to prepare for the Aqua Massage is remove your shoes, belt, and any sharp items from your pockets -no need to undress. After your shoes are removed you will lay down on the bed of the Aqua Massage machine. You will put on headphones to listen to relaxing music or the music of your choice, during your massage. The canopy of the machine will come down over you. Then a bar with 36 warm water jets travels from your toes to your neck and back again and again for the duration of your massage.


Will I get wet?
No. There is a waterproof barrier between you and the water jets. It is a thin layer, so you will get all the benefits of the warm water pressure, but it does keep you from getting wet.


How much does Aquamassage cost?
Aqua Massage is actually a very affordable massage option!

Massages are: 15 minutes $25, 20 minutes $30, and 30 minutes $40


How much time do I need to set aside?
Only 15-30 minutes. A 15 minute Aqua Massage is roughly equivalent to a 45 minute massage with a massage therapist. Appointments can be made ahead of time, click here. Monday and Tuesday 10:00 am-7:00pm by appointment only, Tuesday thru Saturday 10:00 am-7:00pm walkins or scheduled appointments taken.


Is Aqua Massage very relaxing?
Yes! There are 36 jets of warm water spraying at your body from many angles. The jets travel up and down your body multiple times during your massage, giving you a full body massage. The sound and motion of the water are also very soothing an relaxing. In addition, you can further relax by controlling how long the water jets stay in the position you choose.  A remote control in your hand will allow you to pause the spray bar at will!