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What Aqua Massage can do for you


The ultimate massage:

Feels like 36 fingers massaging three sides of your body at the same time!

Remain clothed and dry!

All you need to do is remove your shoes, belt, and any items in your pockets.

Full Body or user selected local massage!

Clients can separately adjust water pressure and massage pulsation. The water temperature can be set to suit your personal comfort level! Hold button allows you to pause the water jets on your desired location!

Choose between a relaxing or an invigorating pain relieving massage!

Canopy provides privacy and warmth!

Headphones allow you to listen to soothing music or bring in your preferred music for your listening pleasure!


Stress Relief

Relax stressed muscles

Increase energy

Rejuvenate your body

Back Pain

Muscle tension relief

Decrease muscle spasms

Improve sleep

Pain reduction

Pre and Post Exercise

Increase range of motion and flexibility

Increase circulation

Reduce soreness


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